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12 Protesters Arrested on Mag Mile

Protesters claim officers were overly aggressive



    12 Protesters Arrested on Mag Mile

    Chicago police arrested 12 people after a peaceful protest escalated into a scuffle with police on the Magnificent Mile Wednesday night.

    The Occupy Chicago protesters claim the confrontation started when they were "vying" for Michigan Avenue near Ohio Street. The group moved into the street, but police pushed them back onto the sidewalk.

    Some protesters were arrested in the street, but officers arrested other group leaders on the sidewalk after the situation had "settled," said the protesters, who claim officers used batons and physical force.

    "We were vying for the street when they started pushing us over the curb and pushing us down," said Daniel Goering, 18, of Evanston. "Arrests started happening and everything got tense. ... They beat people, they were pushing people onto the ground. I think they were out of line. They were overly aggressive. The situation had calmed and they came and grabbed more up later."

    Police spokesman Daniel O’Brien said officers arrested 12 people.

    The protest started peacefully at 500 South State Street and moved north until they reached Ohio and Ontario streets, where they were arrested, O’Brien said.

    Protesters said they were showing solidarity for the hundreds arrested protesting tuition hikes in Quebec, Canada.

    A National Lawyers Guild member was at the scene of the arrests, but could not provide further information for his potential clients Wednesday night.