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Prosecutors: Suburban Woman Doused Sleeping Boyfriend With Boiling Water, Posted Attack to Social Media

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A suburban woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to dumping boiling water on her boyfriend while he slept on a couch, while recording the attack on social media.

According to authorities, 23-year-old Alexis Sykes pleaded guilty Monday morning to one count of aggravated battery by caustic substance, a Class X felony, in connection with the attack.

According to authorities, the attack occurred on Jan. 2 inside of a residence in Roselle that she shared with her boyfriend. Police say that Sykes poured boiling hot water on her boyfriend while he slept on a couch in the apartment.

Sykes also recorded herself committing the attack, then posted the video to Snapchat.

She also hit her boyfriend’s keys from him in the immediate aftermath of the attack, and ultimately he was able to find the keys and drive himself to a hospital, where he was treated for second and third-degree burns.

Prosecutors say he was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and underwent skin graft surgery to treat his wounds.

Sykes fled the state after the attack, and was placed into custody on Jan. 19, according to authorities. Bond was set at $500,000, and she has been in the DuPage County Jail since.

After pleading guilty, Sykes was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“The cruelty displayed by Ms. Sykes as she doused her sleeping boyfriend with a pot of boiling water is extremely disturbing,” DuPage County States Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement. “Considering her complete disregard for the amount of pain and suffering she caused her victim, one can only come to the conclusion that she most certainly earned every year of her ten-year sentence.”

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