Prosecutor To Focus On Stebic, Peterson Disappearances

State's Attorney's Office refocusing resources following completion of Drew Peterson, Christopher Vaughn murder cases

With Drew Peterson convicted and sentenced to jail for killing Kathleen Savio, the Will County State's Attorney says it's time to focus on two high-profile case -- the disappearances of Lisa Stebic and Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy.

Stebic -- a mother of two -- disappeared from her Plainfield home in 2007. Her husband, Craig Stebic, has been named a person of interest in the case, but no arrests have been made.

State's Attorney James Glasgow says the Peterson case and the Christopher Vaughn murder case took up a lot of time and resources.

"We're going to be assembling a team of the top prosecutors in the office that will be assigned to review those two cases," Glasgow said.

Stebic's family and friends say that's good news.

"I can't even describe the pain and anguish for the family," Stebic family spokesperson Melanie Greenburg said. Lisa's grandfather is turning 99 this spring. I think they're holding on and waiting for justice."

The family does worry that the evidence may have gone cold since it's been six years since her disappearance, although officials say the investigation never ceased.

"As time passes, it becomes more and more clear that she was the victim of foul play. Her credit card has never been used, her cell phone has never been used," Greenburg said. "

Stacy Peterson's family and friends are also holding out hope that her case will also be solved.

"We have a long journey ahead. We still want to see justice for Stacy. We won't give up and we know and believe that Mr. Glasgow and his team and the Illinois State Police won't let us down," Peterson family spokesperson Pam Bosco said.

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