Progressive Group Petitions Against Future Rahm Run

Emanuel isn't currently running for election in Illinois

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White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel currently is not running for office in Illinois.

That hasn’t stopped a progressive political group from campaigning against him.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is upset with what they perceive as a slight by the former Illinois congressman when he allegedly pressured Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to drop his fight for the public option so that health care could be passed.

Emanuel, a bulldog, win-at-all-costs politician who has been rumored to covet numerous Illinois political jobs, including Chicago mayor, congressman and even governor, was taken to task for the alleged pressure in a New York Times Magazine piece by Adam Nagourney.

And now PCCC is circulating a petition asking voters from Illinois to promise not to vote for Emanuel in any upcoming elections, be it mayor, governor, congressman or senator.

"For Rahm Emanuel, 'winning' often means caving to corporate interests and passing a bill they like," Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. "Unfortunately, Rahm caving on the public health insurance option means profit-hungry insurance companies will go unchecked as they deny health care to many Illinois residents. We're making clear to Rahm that running away from a fight and caving to corporate interests has consequences, and he will pay a political price back home."

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