JB Pritzker

Pritzker's Report $6 Million in Income, Release Partial Tax Returns

Gov. J.B. Pritzker and first lady M.K. Pritzker reported $6.2 million in income last year and paid $216,000 in Illinois taxes.

The Democratic governor and his wife released partial federal and state income tax returns Tuesday. The hotel chain heir and philanthropist is worth $3.4 billion.

The Pritzkers' state tax was based on adjusted gross income of $4.4 million. They received a federal tax refund of $400,000 applied to future taxes.

Pritzker's campaign says that the first couple's 2018 income came from investments and trusts which are required to make annual distributions.

The campaign says trusts benefiting Pritzker paid another $5.3 million in Illinois taxes and $29 million in federal taxes. The trusts' returns were not released.

Itemized deductions including charitable contributions totaled $477,000.

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