Pritzker Offers Trump 5 ‘Exciting Places to Go' in Illinois After President's Tweet

The Illinois governor publicly called out Trump for his work as president and his current place in the polls

E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

After President Donald Trump tweeted Monday a claim that Illinois has "no place to go," Gov. J.B. Pritzker clapped back, offering the president five "exciting" places to visit in the state.

Trump called out the state on Twitter, describing it as "sad," but Pritzker said he was surprised that the same person who put his name on a Chicago skyscraper would say the state has no place to go.

In a series of pointed and seemingly sarcastic tweets in response, Pritzker provided the president with five places he could go in Illinois, including the Wieners Circle in Chicago.

"They have real hot dogs and real talk -- all for the price of one," Pritzker said in a tweet about the hot dog joint.

The governor then offered a trip on the Amtrak to another Illinois town, tagging Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden who has been known to ride the train.

Pritzker offered that the president visit Starved Rock State Park, tweeting that "things don't seem to be going your way so you may need to scream into a canyon."

Including state government, the governor tweeted that Trump could visit Illinois' capital city Springfield to see former President Abraham Lincoln's home and the spot where former President Barack Obama announced his run for presidency.

"Looking for what real presidential leadership looks like? Visit our capital city of Springfield to see Honest Abe’s home, an adjective that will never be used to describe you," Pritzker tweeted.

The Illinois governor added the "fun fact" that the state is the front runner for pumpkin production in the nation.

"If you’re not already spooked by the polls, pick one up for yourself and carve a jack-o’-lantern. I promise it’s a better time than sending ghoulish tweets," Pritzker tweeted.

Pritzker ended his Twitter thread with a prompt for his following to vote and stop by Manny's Deli in Chicago for a pastrami on rye on the way to the polls.

The president's remarks on Illinois came amid a series of tweets aimed at Democratic stronghold states, as he said both California and New York had either "gone to hell" or are "going to hell" and urged them to vote for him in the upcoming election:

Neither California Gov. Gavin Newsom nor New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have publicly responded on social media to the president's tweets.

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