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President Trump Pardons Casey Urlacher in Offshore Gambling Case

Urlacher faced up to 10 years in prison on the charges related to the illegal offshore gambling ring


Casey Urlacher, the brother of former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, has been issued a full pardon by President Donald Trump, just hours before the president’s term in office expires.

Urlacher, currently serving as the mayor of Mettawa, was one of 10 individuals named in a grand jury indictment in 2020, and was accused of helping to run an illegal offshore gambling business.

In a press release, the White House cited Urlacher’s “commitment to public service” as part of his reasoning behind issuing the pardon.

“Throughout his life, Mr. Urlacher has been committed to public service and has consistently given back to his community,” the press release said. “Currently, Mr. Urlacher serves as the unpaid mayor of Mettawa, Illinois. He is a devoted husband to his wife and a loving father to his 17-month-old daughter.”

Urlacher was one of 73 individuals pardoned by the president, while another 70 sentences were commuted in one of the president's final acts in office.

Urlacher was facing a federal charge of conspiring to engage in illegal gambling. According to criminal complaints, he was accused of recruiting bettors for the website in exchange for a cut of their eventual gambling losses.

The website was maintained in Costa Rica, according to the indictment, and was used to manage the accounting, betting and logistics of the illegal ring.

Urlacher faced two counts in the case, each of which had carried a potential prison sentence of five years.

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