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Obama Watch: Tracking the Prez in Chicago



    Celebrate This Holiday Season in Lively St. Charles
    President Barack Obama takes a walk down the street from his home accompanied by his mother-in-law Marian Robinson, daughter Malia Obama and first dog Bo. The first family is visiting Chicago over Memorial Day weekend.

    While the president is in town this holiday weekend, our trackers are keeping tabs on his every move.

    Sunday morning, President Obama left home for the gym shortly after 9 a.m. So where does the president get his work-out when he's in town? It's a building in the 1200 block of South Racine. While official sources wouldn't tell us the name of the gym, the Tribune's Stacy St. Clair thinks she knows. The building the president entered houses Naturally Fit, a fitness studio owned by Cornell McClellan, who is known in Chicago as Michelle Obama's personal trainer, St. Clair said.

    The president was back at his home around 11 a.m., where he's presumably been hanging out with the family ever since.

    There was speculation that the president might show up at the United Center for last night's Stanley Cup game, but that didn't happen. However, sports have been a big part of Mr. Obama's holiday weekend. Yesterday, the president made time to play a little basketball at the Lab School in Hyde Park, where his daughters used to attend.