Monday Night Debate Could Influence Undecided Voters

Early voting begins later this week in Illinois with most polls showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Tied—so Monday night’s debate could help undecided voters make up their minds.

When Clinton and Trump meet during the debate it’s believed to be the first time they’ve met in 11 years.

“This has been such a noisy campaign,” said Rev. John Jenkins, who sits on the Commission for Presidential Debates. “I hope there’s serious discussion about the issues facing our nation.”

Trump gained experience with the large GOP primary candidates—but this is one on one.

“He comes equipped with the tools to do the job and that’s going to be centered around problem solving,” said Trump supporter and basketball legend Bobby Knight.

The Clinton campaign is expecting a more measured Trump to show up.

“We do sparring with Donald Trump in our prep, but most of our prep sessions with her have been spent, her really refining and drilling down on the best argument that she can present,” said Jennifer Palmier, the Clinton campaign’s communication director.

The predebate atmosphere at Hofstra University is excited with so much riding on what happens. Undecided voters—believed to be from eight to 15 percent—could see a convincing performance.

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