Pot Smoking Homeless Man Goes Wild at Indiana Church

Talk about reefer madness!

A pot-smoking homeless man from Valparaiso, Indiana went to a local church, jumped in the creek outside the building, threatened to punch the pastor, tried to impersonate a member of the church and exposed his junk to the cops.

And that’s just the beginning.

19-year-old Samuel Mullins, who’s a resident of a local homeless shelter, was eventually arrested on misdemeanor public nudity charges, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

When police arrived Bethel Church at 8:25, Mullins was wearing only a hoodie and boxer shorts.

The homeless man told cops he just "did a backflip into the water" and "it was awesome." 

Mullins then told cops he was a preacher. Then he told them he was Batman. Then he asked them to punch him. When they declined, he asked cops to tase him. They declined that request too.

Then Mullins pulled down his boxers and showed off his you-know-what to an officer who was talking to him.

Once police got him in the squad car he started banging his head off the plastic partition that separates the back seat from the front seat. He continued banging his head at the police station, cops said.

What led to all this lunatic behavior? Mullins told cops he had smoked some marijuana earlier that night.


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