Possible Human Remains Found in Abandoned Suburban Shed

A property caretaker found what appears to be a human skull while clearing out an abandoned shed, police confirmed

Possible human remains were found in an abandoned shed in north suburban Round Lake Saturday, police confirmed.

Officers were called to the 33100 block of N. Fairfield Rd in unincorporated Round Lake based on a report of possible human remains at approximately 2:45 p.m. Saturday, according to a release from the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the property's caretaker, who found what he believed were human remains. 

"The remains appear to be a skull, which the care-taker located while removing items from an abandoned shed on the property," the release said. 

Detectives conducted a thorough search of the shed, and the Lake County Coroner's Office collected the remains, "which appear to be extremely aged," authorities confirmed.
The remains will be examined by a forensic pathologist, forensic odontologist, and anthropologist, to determine if they are from a human. 

The Sheriff's Office will continue to investigate.

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