Portillo's Hitting the Road With ‘Beef Bus' Food Truck

Fans of the iconic Chicago restaurant have the chance to help decide which cities the "Beef Bus" should stop in

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Chicagoans can now share the goodness known as Portillo's with family and friends across the country.

Yes, we're talking about the Chicago-style hot dogs, tasty Italian Beef sandwiches, crinkle-cut fries and more.

Portillo's announced Monday the launch of an online voting campaign to determine which cities its "Beef Bus" should stop in. Voters can nominate any location in the 48 contiguous states, according to a news release.

“We receive thousands of messages each month from our fans across the nation asking us to bring Portillo’s to their city,” said Portillo’s CEO Michael Osanloo. “Through our new Beef Bus voting campaign, guests will be in the driver seat. Whether you’re a former Chicagoan living in Louisville, or a fan looking to put their town on the map, your vote will count.”

The "Beef Bus" will begin its nationwide tour on Feb. 6 with a visit to the Florida State Fair in Tampa. Portillo's fans can track the food truck's journey on Instagram and Twitter.

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