Portillo's Has a New Hot Dog — A 100 Percent Plant-Based Gardendog


Hungry for a hot dog? How about a Gardendog? That's the newest menu item you'll find at Portillo's.

According to Portillo's, their new Gardendog is a plant-based hot dog, made with is 100 percent plant-based protein including brown Rice Protein, faba bean protein, beet powder and more.

The dog is smoked and char-grilled, just like Portillo's beef hot dogs, and "dragged through the garden" -- meaning it's loaded with all of the traditional Chicago-style hot dog toppings.

While the Gardendog itself is vegan, it's cooked on the same char-grill as other Portillo items, including meat.

As for whether or not the Gardendog tastes like a regular old meat hot dog, Portillo's says not quite.

"Although the Garden Dog has similar flavors and the same toppings as the traditional hot dog, it has a unique flavor of its own," the restaurant says. "Our plant-based hot dogs are smoked and seasoned to perfection to deliver an incredibly authentic eating experience."

You'll have to order one for yourself to determine exactly what that unique flavor is.

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