Portillo's Could Soon Be Delivered to Your Door: Report

Giardiniera apparently travels well—even more so laden on a dipped Italian beef—which is good news since a new report says Portillo’s is testing delivery at certain locations, including in Chicago.

According to Crain’s, Oakbrook-based Portillo’s is testing delivery at its River North location in addition to several other out-of-state stores.

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"I see it as a huge opportunity for us,” Crain’s reports Portillo’s CEO Keith Kinsey as saying.

Portillo’s is currently working with GrubHub to deliver in Chicago.

The acclaimed Chicago restaurant launched its own app last August allowing customers to order their food ahead of time for pickup or drive-thru.

In honor of National Italian Beef month, the eatery known for hot dogs and Italian beef is holding a so-called “Meat Up” sweepstakes—where three lucky winners will receive $900 in prizes, including free Portillo’s for a year.

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