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Man Upset Over Job Review Opens Fire

Man arrested after firing single shot at Department of Workforce Development office



    Man Upset Over Job Review Opens Fire
    Northwest Indiana Times / Jon L. Hendricks
    Portage Police Officer Ross Haynes, left, and Crime Scene Investigator Janis Regnier document the outside of the Department of Workforce Development in Portage Friday after a man opened fire and chased employees through the building there.

    One man is in police custody Friday afternoon after firing at the door of a Northwest Indiana office building with a shotgun.

    The man was a 20-plus year employee of the Department of Workforce Development at 6224 Central Ave. in Portage, Ind., the Northwest Indiana Times reported.

    Police have not released the identity of the man, but said he was apparently distraught over a job review.  Witnesses said he angrily left his manager's office after a meeting, went to his vehicle and grabbed a shotgun.  Employees in the building saw the man locking the door of his car, returning toward the building and running toward the back before a single shot was fired toward the door.

    He then entered the building and chased employees out the back doors, firing another shot into the back of the building.  He followed employees as they scattered around the building, returning to the front of the office.

    It was then that police arrived at the location with guns drawn just as the shooter was reloading.  He surrendered without incident, police said.

    No one was hit.

    "It could happen anywhere. I'm just grateful no one was hurt," said Portage Mayor Olga Velazquez.