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Poll: Clinton, Trump Lead in Illinois

A new poll shows the Democratic and Republican front-runners holding commanding leads in the state

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hold double-digit leads in Illinois, according to a new poll conducted by the Paul Simon Policy Institute at Southern Illinois. 

According to the poll, Clinton received 51 percent of votes while fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders received 32 percent and 16 percent of voters remained undecided.

In Chicago, Clinton received 55 percent of votes and Sanders received 32 percent.

In the Republican field, Trump received 28 percent of votes with Ted Cruz receiving 15 percent, Marco Rubio receiving 14 percent and John Kasich receiving 13 percent.

Jeb Bush, who is no longer in the race, received 8 percent of votes, and one-time front-runner Ben Carson received 6 percent of the vote. Fifteen percent of Republican voters remained undecided.

Both Trump and Kasich received 28 percent of the vote in Chicago with Cruz receiving 17 percent and Rubio receiving 11 percent.

The poll is comprised of a sample of 306 registered Republican primary voters and 422 registered Democratic primary voters. The margin of error for the GOP poll is 5.6 percent and the margin of error for the Democratic poll is 4.7 percent. The polling took place between Feb. 15 and 20.

Clinton has won the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses while Sanders took the New Hampshire primary. Trump has won the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries while Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus.

The Illinois presidential primary will be held March 15. 

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