Police: Hudson Deaths Sparked by Domestic Disputes

Arguments between Julia Hudson and her ex may have sparked slayings

Just a day after authorities confirmed that the body of a young boy found shot to death in an SUV on the West Side was that of Julian King, the 7-year-old nephew of Chicago-native and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the boy's death -- along with those of his grandmother and uncle -- likely stemmed from a series of family arguments.

While police have not ruled out that more than one person may have been involved in the triple-homicide, the ex-husband of Hudson's sister Julia, William Balfour, remains the focus of the investigation.

Balfour missed a Friday appointment with his parole agent, saying that he was babysitting.  In records obtained by The Associated Press, Balfour's parole agent said he thought he heard a child in the background during Friday's call.

Julia Hudson told police that Balfour had threatened her and her family, telling her that he would kill her if he ever caught her with a boyfriend.  More than once, the Tribune reports, Hudson's mother and brother, the second and third victims of the shootings, had kicked Balfour out of their home.

The Tribune pointed to one of the arguments that may have been key to the slayings. Sources told the paper that Julia Hudson arrived at her place of employment on a Friday payday and discovered her wages had been garnished because of unpaid car payments. Balfour had allegedly taken her car months earlier, but promised to make the monthly payments. After seeing her pay stub, Julia Hudson called Balfour to complain about the unpaid bills, sources said.

Darnell Donerson, 57, and Jason Hudson, 29, were found shot to death in the family's Englewood home on Friday. Julian King was missing from the scene all weekend and was found, also fatally shot, in the SUV belonging to Hudson's slain brother.

Investigators returned to the Hudson home Monday night to search for additional evidence. 

Just hours earlier, hundreds of mourners gathered outside the large, white house for a candlelight vigil. Neighbors, friends and virtual strangers shared songs and prayers for the victims and their survivors. 

"It pains all of us to know three lives are gone and we don't know why," said Doris Jones, who lives in the neighborhood.

A woman who is close to the family said Julian was a "respectful (and) quiet." 

A West Side woman whose husband had called police Monday after becoming suspicious of the white SUV parked on their street, said, "My heart is heavy for that child. You know? Why a child? He couldn't defend himself. Why a child?"

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