Police Warn of Callers Pretending to be From Walgreens Pharmacy

Police in Chicago’s northern suburbs are warning of a scam where callers pretend to be associated with Walgreens pharmacy. 

The Niles Police Department said multiple residents have reported receiving calls from someone posing to be a Walgreens pharmacy worker who then claim they need to verify the customer’s personal information. 

According to police, the callers begin by saying something along the lines of: “This is Walgreens pharmacy, we are attempting to verify information for a pending prescription.” 

The calls come from several area codes, including Illinois’ 402 area code. 

“If the potential victim continues on the call they will attempt to ask for driver’s license information, social security information, insurance information and any other personal identifiers,” Niles police warned in a Facebook post. 

The scam, which is called “phishing” aims to use the information for identify theft or insurance fraud purposes, according to police. 

Walgreen’s will never call to verify information over the phone, according to police, so the best thing to do is simply hang up.

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