Police Warn of String of Burglaries in Lincoln Park

The 2500 Block of North Marshfield in Chicago’s North Side neighborhood of Lincoln Park is a nice mix of old and new architecture, a place where longtime residents know the short timers – but it’s also one that is being targeted by criminals.

“It’s kind of scary because I have two children and sometimes my husband travels so that’s kind of a disturbing thought,” said resident Kathleen Mitchell.

Chicago police say a man wearing a ski mask broke into an apartment on the block same block at 1 a.m. last week while the residents were inside sleeping.

“I have a feeling because it’s a very affluent area [with] people with money,” resident Frank Giannoni said. “[That] people from the outside are thinking that it’s quick money.”

Giannoni has lived on the block his whole life and says break-ins have just started happening recently.

“My neighbor had her garage broken into and the husband chased the man down the alley captured him,” Giannoni said.

On March 14 – four days after that burglary – Chicago Police say another apartment was broken into on the 4400 Block of North Clark between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Police are not sure if it was the same person who broke into both homes.

“Burglaries are not something that is uncommon here,” says former longtime resident James Fanucchi.

Neighbors on North Marshfield say try to look out for each other, but longtime residents believe the area is one that has been targeted by criminals for years.

“Garage robberies and house robberies and the tricks that people play – like saying they are from the gas company to get in the house – it’s been happening all along.” Fanucchi said.

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