Police Warn of Convicted Child Murderer, Molester Set Free in Indiana

Police say because of Richard Dobeski's track record they believe it is not a question of if, but when, the convicted killer will commit another crime

A convicted child murderer and molester who was unexpectedly released from prison last week may be wandering around Indiana, LaPorte County police warned.

Richard Dobeski, 67, was sentenced to serve two life sentences consecutively for strangling two siblings to death in 1964.

The murders are considered to be one of the most horrific crimes in memory for the otherwise peaceful town of Long Beach, Indiana: A 6-year-old girl and her 3-year old brother were found stabbed and strangled in the crawl space of Dobeski’s home.

Dobeski was just 16 at the time he brutally murdered his young next door neighbors.

After an appeal in the 1980s, his sentence was reduced to 40 years and he was released in 2003. But in 2008 Dobeski acted out again and was convicted on seperate charges of child molestation and possession of child pornography, landing him back behind bars.

Dobeski was released from state prison Thursday in Michigan City, but authorities worry he may be anywhere in LaPorte County wandering by foot, not having anywhere to go.

Police say Dobeski is not wanted at this time, but they want the public to be aware that he is out of prison. They believe because of his background it is not a question of if, but when, the convicted killer will commit another crime. 

“Mr. Dobeski is a child murderer, he’s a child molester, and right now he’s roaming the streets free,” said Long Beach Chief Marshall Robert Sulkowski.

Sulkowski says police can’t track Dobeski because as of now he hasn’t done anything wrong. But they say the chances of him reoffending are high.

“I just want to make the public aware that he’s out there,” Sulkowsi said. “Just keep an eye on him, keep your children away from him … I’m almost certain he will [offend again].”

Police say if Dobeski fails to register as a sex offender within one week of his release he could be picked up again. But as of Monday evening his whereabouts were unknown.

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