Chicago Police Warn of Boystown Robberies Ahead of Pride Parade

A warning of strong-arm robberies has been issued by police in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood just days before the annual Pride Parade, an event that draws tens-of-thousands of people.

Now Chicago police are warning residents of a series of strong-arm robberies in the area.

There have been four strong arm robberies during the month of June and Ald. Tom Tunney says that while those robberies are concerning, there is no reason for visitors to feel unsafe this weekend.

"I'll be marching in the parade, absolutely, 100 percent," said Laurie Grauer as she walked the streets of the North Side neighborhood.

Police are warning of a series of violent robberies where offenders armed with guns or knives shove victims to the ground and steal their belongings.

The robberies have happened in a several block radius: From Roscoe to Belmont and Racine to Halsted--all in the early morning hours.

On Sunday hundreds of thousands of people from around the country will pack the sidewalks of Boystown for the annual pride parade.

Tunney says there will be increased security again this year. He and others hoping crime won't interfere with the celebration.

"I just hope we don't let fear overtake and let few takeover mental state because a lot to celebrate in this country if allowed," said Pat Nilsen.

The robberies have all been committed by groups of men. In one case--the victim told police that one of the robbers was a man disguised as a woman wearing a red dress.

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