Police Warn North Side Residents of Reports of Slashed Tires

Authorities were warning residents on Chicago’s North Side Wednesday after reports of suspects slashing tires in the middle of the night.

Police said the suspect flattened several tires on the 700 block of Montrose Ave.

Jen Goelz, a victim, said she felt the flat tire and then decided to try her husband’s truck

“which was parked a few cars in front of me jumped in his car to take off and his car had a flat too,” she said.

Chicago authorities believe the vandalism took place around 11:30 p.m. Monday in the Buena Park neighborhood

The surveillance camera at a nearby business caught the suspect slashing tire after tire along this stretch of Montrose Avenue.

“I was shocked, I was like ugh, I couldn’t believe how casually he was just walking by popping the tires,” Goelz added.

She says hopes this video will help police find the man who cost them hundreds of dollars and ruined their morning.

“It was very inconvenient,” she said. “It was my daughter’s first day of school, we were rushing to change the tire to get her to school on time.”

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