Police: Vandals Wore CTA Clothing, Had CTA Keys

Officials are investigating after two Chicago men, dressed in Chicago Transit Authority clothing and carrying CTA keys, allegedly broke into a rail yard in Wilmette and spray painted several CTA trains.

Wilmette police said officers were responding to a report of a possible drug deal between three men, who were wearing hats and standing near two SUVs near 3rd Street and Maple Avenue.

One officer followed a Honda Pilot SUV in the area carrying at least two men wearing hats to the Linden CTA Station in Wilmette, police said.

While the men were being questioned by police a CTA employee called authorities to report fresh graffiti on several train cars. Officers searched the SUV and found over 30 cans of spray paint along with CTA maps, glove and pictures, according to a release from Wilmette police.

Police said an investigation revealed the two had dressed in CTA shirts, hats and traffic vests and were able to gain access to restricted areas by using several CTA keys found in their possession.

Miguel Carrasquillo, 40, of Chicago and Jose Godinez, 29, of Chicago, were both charged with three felony counts of criminal damage to government supported property.

Authorities suspect the men are responsible for graffiti in several jurisdictions.

The incident is still under investigation, police said.

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