Police Union To Picket During IOC Visit

FOP feels "backed into a corner"

Feeling that they've "been backed into a corner," members of The Fraternal Order of Police announced Friday that they will picket at City Hall next week during the city's critical evaluation by the International Olympic Committee.

The FOP is asking the rank and file to join together in a visible display of their displeasure with recent developments affecting the police department. 

Police are quick to point out that the plan is not to protest the proposed 2016 Games in Chicago, but Chicago 2016 officials may have a hard time skirting the when the IOC comes to town for a tour of proposed Olympic venues.

FOP President Mark Donahue said the union is upset with the Daley administration's recent decision to pull an offered raise of 16.1 percent over five years, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Additionally, officers are angered by the leakage of contract negotiation specifics that were supposed to remain confidential.

The union is also upset that Mayor Daley recently came to Police Supt. Jody Weis' defense after the FOP gave him a no-confidence vote last week.
"There was an attempt to dismiss the seriousness of the message," Donahue said, and policemen like to be taken seriously.

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