Police Sting Targets “Johns”

Nearly 500 suspects arrested in 8-day nationwide sting

Law enforcement authorities hope a nationwide sting operation has put a dent in sex trafficking.

From July 17 through August 3, 28 police agencies in 14 states arrested nearly 500 "johns" and 14 pimps/traffickers.

In Cook County, the sting nabbed a total of 31 "johns."

In one extreme case in Seattle, a woman was caught trying to sell her 14-year-old daughter for sex.

But Sheriff Tom Dart says this sort of thing happens more than you may think.

"Unfortunately, we get this a lot. We've had husbands who have driven their wives here, and they'll sit in the parking lot with a baby in the backseat while she's in the hotel room taking care of people that she set up," Dart said.

Dart started the sweeps in 2011 to highlight the role sex solicitors have in the exploitative sex trafficking industry.

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