Police Search for 2nd Suspect After Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shoots Boy Trying to Carjack Him

Police were still searching for a second suspect Tuesday after the attempted carjacking of an off-duty Chicago police officer, just blocks from the police department's Bronzeville headquarters. 

One of the two carjacking suspsects, a boy, was shot after he attempted to carjack the officer around 6:30 p.m. in the 3600 South Prairie Street, police said.

"The off-duty officer was sitting in his vehicle when he was approached by two unknown offenders, one on each side of his vehicle," police said in a statement. "The offenders announced a robbery, at which time an armed confrontation ensued and the off-duty fired his service weapon, striking one of the offenders in the abdomen."

The person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious condition, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a tweet. Police later said the juvenile's condition had stabilized.

The second person involved in the attempted carjacking was still at large. 

“It shows how brazen these offenders are,” Chicago police Sgt. Cindy Guerra said. “They’ll target anyone, and tonight it just happened to be one of our own.”

A weapon was recovered from the scene that belonged to the juvenile who was shot, police said.

Chicago police and the Independent Police Review Authority were investigating.

There were no injuries to the officer.

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