Principal: Maine West Coach Witnessed Hazing

Coach allegedly congratulated victim after sexual assault

Police reports obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times state that a Maine West High School coach watched a soccer player being sexually assaulted by members of the team in a hazing ritual.

The reports also say the coach, Michael Divincenzo, congratulated the victim and "asked him if it was all good" after the July incident, according to the newspaper. The account reportedly came from Maine West's principal in early October, days after another alleged sexual assault and hazing came to light.

The teammates are accused of pulling down the victims' pants and sodomizing them with sticks and their fingers.

Attorney Tony Romanucci held a news conference Wednesday and announced more families were joining a lawsuit claiming of culture of hazing in the school's athletic department dating as far back as 2006, also involving a baseball team Divincenzo coached.

Divincenzo and another soccer coach were reassigned with pay after school officials learned of the September incident. Six Maine West students were charged as juveniles with battery and hazing, four other players were disciplined by the school and three part-time coaches were fired.

A police report also states that Divincenzo threatened freshman players with hazing as a form of punishment and that several parents of the alleged victims objected to having the case investigated.

School district officials say they are investigating the allegations.

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