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Video Shows What Happened When Police Arrived at Scene of Aurora Shooting

The video released Wednesday does not show what happened inside the building

Aurora police released video Wednesday showing what happened the moment officers arrived at the Henry Pratt Co. for an active shooter situation. 

"As with our decision to release audio related to this event, we were not careless in our judgment here, and we understand the disturbing nature of these images," the department wrote on Facebook. "We understand, however, that as a matter of public interest and our ongoing commitment to transparency within our community, we agree that you have a right to see for yourself what transpired at the Henry Pratt facility that day where, sadly, five members of our community lost their lives, and five of our police officers were shot while simply doing their jobs."

Employees returned Monday to the suburban factory where five people were killed in a workplace shooting on Friday. Susan Carlson reports.

The video released Wednesday does not show what happened inside the building. 

The footage shows gunman Gary Martin, an employee at the suburban Chicago manufacturing plant, firing at officers through a window in the building as officers outside run for cover. Minutes later, a SWAT vehicle is seen ramming the entryway where the shots were fired. 

Five employees were killed on Feb. 15 when Martin pulled out a gun and began shooting after he was notified that he had been fired.

Martin also shot and wounded one other employee and five of the first police officers to arrive at the plant before he was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.

The Aurora Beacon-News reports that the Kane County Coroner's Office concluded that none of the five victims were shot at close range.

WARNING: Video footage below may be disturbing for some viewers

The newly-released video matches audio from 911 calls released by the department in February

Officers arrived at the scene within minutes of the first 911 call and were met with fusillade of gunfire. 

“We’ve got shots fired outside, shots fired on the west---outside,” an officer exclaims, informing dispatchers one of his fellow officers has been hit. “Gunshot wound,” he shouts.

As we learn more about the tragedy, a community comes together to mourn in Aurora. NBC 5’s Lexi Sutter has the story. 

Five officers would eventually be hit in the massacre, where gunman Gary Martin killed five co-workers after learning he was being fired. Most frightening of all, police were forced to fan out across the massive 200,000 square foot warehouse, with no idea where Martin was hiding. All they knew from co-workers was that he was armed with a handgun with a laser sight, and he had reloaded.

Finally, 58 minutes after it all began, flash-bang grenades are heard, and officers announce they have found the gunman.

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