Police Investigate Video Showing Group Beating Man While Crowd Shouts ‘You Voted Trump'

WARNING: Embedded videos contain graphic language and may be disturbing to watch.

Police are investigating a video circulating on social media showing a group punching and beating a man in a Chicago intersection while witnesses shout "you voted Trump."

Authorities said the beating took place the day after Tuesday's election, just before 1 p.m. in the 1100 block of South Kedzie Avenue in the city's Homan Square neighborhood. 

Officers responded to a "battery" in the area involving a 50-year-old man who reported he been battered after a traffic-related altercation with three men and two women. Authorities said the victim's vehicle was sideswiped by the offender's vehicle. 

Footage of the attack posted online Wednesday night showed a group of men, possibly teens, throwing a man to the ground and repeatedly punching and beating him. Meanwhile, bystanders shouted things like "you voted Trump" and "don't vote Trump." It was not clear if politics played a role in the altercation, however. 

The man apparently tried to return to his car numerous times while the group continued to punch him. 

The end of the footage also shows one of the attackers appearing to get into the man's vehicle. In a longer version of the video also shared to social media, one attacker begins driving away in the vehicle with the victim holding onto the side. 

One man entered the victim's vehicle and fled the scene, police said. The victim was taken to Mount Sinai in good condition. 

No one was in custody as of Thursday afternoon but Area North Detectives are investigating and searching for those involved.

Father Michael Pfleger with Saint Sabina church called the video "unacceptable," saying the actions "must be condemned by everybody."

"Violence is NEVER an acceptable response," he said in a statement. "Emotions are raw coming out of this election, but frustration, anger and despair do not give permission to be violent. Let us not surrender to evil, rather rise above it."

Anyone with information on the attack is being asked to call (312) 744-8263. 

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