Police Investigate Video Purportedly Showing Suburban School Staff Stealing From Student Lockers

An investigation is underway Thursday at Evanston Township High School after video purporting to show school staff members stealing from students’ lockers surfaced.

Evanston police said the investigation started after video of the alleged thefts was reported to the department.

The school said it is aware of the video and is “investigating the matter thoroughly.” 

“ETHS will take appropriate actions as more details become available,” Assistant Superintendent and Principal Marcus Campbell said in statement. “ETHS is taking these allegations very seriously and we understand the concerns of students and families as we continue to gather information.”

Students at the school became suspicious after items started going missing from their gym lockers. Some then set up cameras to try to catch the thief or thieves in the act, authorities said.

According to Evanston Police Commander Joe Dugan, the video has not yet been authenticated, but it is believed that as many as two employees at the school could be involved.

Anyone with information related to the alleged thefts is being asked to contact the ETHS Deans’ Office at (847) 424-7900 or the police department.

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