Police Crack Down on Handicapped Parking Abusers

Before you illegally sneak into that handicapped parking spot in Chicago or its suburbs, you might want to think twice. 

Investigators fromt the Illinois Secretary of State Police department are canvassing Illinois shopping destinations looking for folks who may be misusing a handicapped parking placard. 

Officer Glenn Florkow's team started a sting operation Friday morning at Water Tower Place in Chicago. He said the operation includes patrols at shopping centers throughout the metropolitan area, including suburban malls and shopping centers.  The operation will likely last over the next few weeks. 

"The Secretary of State's office takes it very seriously when people abuse the use of their disability placards and plates," he said. "As Secretary of State White says, 'If you don't belong there don't park there."

Bill Bogdan, the Disability Liaison to Governor Pat Quinn, urged motorists who do qualify for a disability parking placard or plate to not share it. 

"Be responsible," he said. "Do not allow others to use your placard when you're not in the vehicle."

Violating the Illinois law could lead to fines of up to $500 and suspended driving priveleges for up to 6 months. 

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