Fake Cop Case Five Officers Fault

Findings of investigation point to violations of rules and regulations

It's over. Done. It happened and they hope it won't happen again. 

Police say an internal department investigation on how a 14-year-old boy allegedly was able to impersonate a Chicago officer is complete.

Chicago Police Department officials say there were violations of rules and regulations leading up to the impersonator going on patrol.

Internal Affairs Division chief Tina Skahill said Tuesday that at least five members of the department violated rules and regulations.  

“We did find evidence that department members — at least five — violated department rules and regulations,” Skahill said.

No recommendations for discipline have been sent up the chain of command yet, Skahill said. Likely discipline could range from reprimands to suspensions.

Police spokeswoman Antoinette Ursitti has said the findings won't be made public until Supt. Jody Weis can address them.

On Jan. 24, a teenager, wearing a uniform, entered a South Side police station through an unlocked back door. He posed as an officer for hours, including time in a patrol car with another officer. He was discovered after police noticed his uniform lacked a regulation star.

The incident was embarrassing for Weis and the department.

The boy, whose name hasn't been released, pleaded not guilty to impersonating an officer.

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