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Cops: Woman Lied About Sex Assault by Fake Cop

Woman said she was dragged into cornfield where she was beaten and assaulted



    Cops: Woman Lied About Sex Assault by Fake Cop

    Kendall County authorities on Thursday said a woman lied about being sexually assaulted by a man posing as a law enforcement officer earlier in the week.

    Details about how officials drew that conclusion weren't immediately available. A day earlier, a detective said a 911 caller on Tuesday reported the woman walked out of a cornfield without her pants on.

    The "victim" was treated at Valley West Medical Center in Plano and told authorities she was attacked by a white or light-skinned Hispanic man. She said she was driving down Griswold Spring Road near Plano when a Ford Crown Victoria came up behind her with police lights and pulled her over.

    The woman said she pulled over for what seemed to be a traffic stop, when the man, dressed in a blue uniform, pulled a mask over his face, pointed a gun at her and forced her into the cornfield. It was there she said the man beat and sexually abused her.

    Hospital and police investigators said they saw evidence of an assault -- or at least thought they did -- and thus put out the warning.

    Officials now say that incident never occurred and there was no police impersonator. The Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office is reviewing the case, but no charges have been filed against the woman as of Thursday night.