Sergeant Shoots, Kills Pit Bull as it Attacked Teen - NBC Chicago

Sergeant Shoots, Kills Pit Bull as it Attacked Teen

Animal had earlier attacked a 63-year-old man



    Officer was on patrol for the dog after an attack just minutes earlier and blocks away. Natalie Martinez reports. (Published Wednesday, May 15, 2013)

    A pit bull that had already attacked one person in the South Side Englewood neighborhood Wednesday morning was shot dead by a Chicago police sergeant as it attacked a 16-year-old boy on his way to school.

    Tyrell Henry said he'd just gotten off a bus and was headed to school when the pitbull saw him and lunged after him.

    "It bit my leg, and I got to kicking or whatever and was screaming, 'Help! Help!" Henry recalled. "I kept trying to hit it. ... He latched onto a calf. That's what really made it worse. I couldn't really pull away."

    Little could he have known that the sergeant had been cruising the area looking for the dog which had attacked a 63-year-old man just minutes earlier and blocks away.

    "When he came up, the dog stopped attacking me and tried to attack him. So he started firing gunshots at it," Henry said.

    The teen was taken to Saint Bernard Hospital with bite wounds to his feet and legs. He needed 19 metal staples to close his wounds.

    The first attack occurred just before 8 a.m. in the 5900 block of South Eggleston Avenue, when the dog attacked a man, biting him in the legs.

    "He put his thumb inside of the dog's eye, and that was the only way that he could get the dog to open up his jaw," said the victim's brother, Christopher Myers.

    Officers on Wednesday night were trying to locate the owner of the dog.