Pit Bull Mauls Yorkie Near UIC

A small dog was mauled and killed by a pit bull Saturday afternoon after a neighborhood dog got loose in the Illinois Medical District.

Police received a call around noon Saturday that a vicious pit bull attacked a small dog but no citations or reports were filed, police said.

The dog's owner, Victoria Griffin, said her brother-in-law was walking her Yorkie, Winnie, when just outside their residence a loose pit bull picked up the nearly 6-pound pup in its mouth and started “tearing it to shreds.”

Griffin tried to rescue her three-year-old Yorkie and lunged at the animal, but her efforts were unsuccessful and she “saw the life leave from her eyes.”

Griffin and her sister Amanda Griffin-Johnson have shared Winnie since she was a puppy and said the dog was a member of their family.

Griffin said the pup was her "co-pilot" and loved to ride along in the car with her.

Winnie's owners said they hope to see a community initiative to help ensure what happened to their beloved pooch does not happen to others.

Details on the pit bull were not immediately available.

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