Pipe-Bomb Package Meant For City Attorney: Hammond Mayor

A pipe bomb that exploded at an Indiana post office last month, injuring a worker, was meant for an attorney that works for the city of Hammond, Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. said Wednesday.

The bomb exploded Sept. 6 prompting a heavy police response and search of the East Chicago Post Office.

“That bomb was intended for an attorney who works for the city of Hammond,” McDermott Jr. told NBC 5.

The FBI is currently searching for a suspect and has released a sketch of the person they believe sent the explosive package.

McDermott Jr. believes the bomber is still mailing packages to other officials.

“Last Friday another employee got a package in mail in a manila envelope containing threats of bodily harm,” he said. “We know for a fact its same person—I can’t say details in public.”

The FBI says the man is about six feet tall with very slender legs and a “unique walk.” Officials say they're getting lots of tips based on the sketch.

An FBI spokeswoman says she can’t comment on particulars but says to follow the rule "if you see something, say something."

“It’s scary,” McDermott Jr. said. “Unfortunately [it’s] status quo now-a-days [in] America.”

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