Pink Moon: How And When to Spot it This Easter Weekend

April's full moon — also called "Egg Moon" — will reach peak illumination Saturday

Dag Sundberg

The Pink Moon is on the forecast to light up the sky this weekend, tallying as the first full lunar cycle of the spring season. 

So, when you head outdoors to catch a glimpse?

The moon will glow at its biggest and brightest on the eve of Easter on Saturday. After rising just above the horizon, the moon will reach peak illumination at 1:55 p.m., according to NASA. 

If you miss the spectacle, another shot will be in store. The Moon will appear full for nearly three days, from Friday morning through Monday morning.

While the moon gets its name from the golden hue it takes on, as well as the flowers that begin to bloom in the warm weather, it's known by a few others — one being in tune with the holiday: Egg Moon. 

The “Egg” name comes from its association with the wildlife that often flock back from their winter dwellings to lay eggs. 

Other names for the moon include the Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon and Paschal Moon.

The next full moon, dubbed the Flower Moon, is expected to fall May 16, bringing with it a total lunar eclipse. 

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