Pieces of Historic Loop CTA Station Up for Auction

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of Chicago history, now is your chance.

The Rebuilding Exchange is auctioning off materials from the Loop’s Madison/Wabash CTA station, including metal sections, benches, wooden doors, wainscoting, warning signs, railing sections, floor joists and engraved momentos.

The Green, Brown, Purple, Orange and Pink line station served as a transit hub since it first opened in 1896, 119 years ago. The station was shut down earlier this year and will be replaced by a newer, more modern station at Washington and Wabash.

The company, in partnership with Preservation Chicago, received the remnants of the historic building, including the façade, which they plan to give to a history museum as an exhibit.

The remaining items will go up for sale at 7 p.m. at ReBuilding Exchange, at 1740 W. Webster Ave.

Goose Island Brewery, 5411 Empanadas, and other Chicago venues will serve food and drinks during the event. Proceeds will go to the exchange, a non-profit aiming to “create a market for reclaimed building materials.”

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