Photo Speed Van Cracks Down On Work Zone Speeding

Third Street Tunnel Work Zone Speed Limit Sign Speed Camera

The Illinois State Police and the Department of Transportation is stepping up their efforts to crack down on motorists speeding in work zones.

Authorities plan to deploy photo speed enforcement in work zones when workers are present.

A speed enforcement van will be deployed on Interstate 57 in Kankakee County.

Officials say signs will indicate when photo enforcement is in place which will allow motorists time to slow down, and the van will be monitored by Illinois state police troopers to ensure it is working properly.

The van will take a photo of the speeding driver, vehicle, and license plate, plus the time of day and speed. The tickets will be mailed to the motorist.

Speeding in work zones carry fines of at least $375 for the first offense and includes a mandatory court appearance. A second offense within two years carries a minimum $1,000 fine and a 90-day license suspension.

Officials say up to 8,000 work zone crashes occur in the state every year.

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