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Drew Could Make Death "Look Like an Accident," Aunt Says



    Drew Could Make Death "Look Like an Accident," Aunt Says
    Former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson points at television cameras as he leaves the airport.

    Stacy Peterson's aunt testified that months before the Bolingbrook mother disappeared, her husband, Drew Peterson, said he was capable of killing someone and "make it look like an accident."

    Candace Aikin was on the witness stand Tuesday during a hearing to determine what evidence prosecutors can present at Drew Peterson's upcoming trial in the death Kathleen Savio. Peterson has pleaded not guilty to charges he murdered his third wife.

    Aikin testified Stacy Peterson heard Drew Peterson's comment and replied, "Not with this chick you don't."

    Aikin described Drew and Stacy's relationship as shaky and said the two were often fighting. She also testified Stacy Peterson told her Drew Peterson would follow her around when she was on the phone.

    Judge Stephen White on Tuesday also said that a Bolingbrook minister can reveal conversations he had at a coffee shop with Stacy Peterson two years ago.  The defense had argued that the conversations were priveleged.

    Neil Schori has previously said that Stacy Peterson told him Drew Peterson killed Savio.

    The hearing has so far included testimony from co-workers of Savio's who described her fears that Peterson might harm her.

    The lead investigator in Savio's death testified Friday that he never considered her death anything but an accident but conceded that errors were made during the investigation.

    Last week Peterson's step-brother Thomas Morpheytold the court that he had helped Peterson carry his fourth wife's body out of his house in a blue barrel.

    Peterson is not on trial for Stacy Peterson's death, but under the terms of the hearsay law, speculative testimony counts. Morphey said that he always assumed Peterson killed Savio.

    Savio's death was ruled a homicide after Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, disappeared in 2007. Peterson hasn't been charged in the Stacy Peterson dissappearance, but he is the lead suspect, cops say.