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Man Says He Was Asked to Kill Savio



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    Drew Peterson and his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in happier times.

    A witness at Drew Peterson's hearsay hearing contends he was asked to kill the former Bolingbrook police sergeant's third wife but he turned the offer down.

    William Green testified Tuesday that Peterson was looking for someone to kill Kathleen Savio and make it look like an accident. Green said  he quickly declined and never talked about it again -- either with Peterson or his friend, Jeff Pachter.

    Previously, Pachter testified that Peterson asked him to find someone to kill Savio for $25,000. Patcher said he did talk to Green about the offer.

    Green said he contacted police after Peterson's fourth wife disappeared in 2007 because that's when he first heard about Savio's death.

    Peterson has pleaded not guilty in Savio's death. The hearing is being held to determine whether prosecutors will be able to use hearsay evidence at his trial.

    More than 60 witnesses have so far testified and more than two dozen are yet to be called.

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