Roskam Criticizes Casten's Lobbying Work in New Ad

Representative Peter Roskam has released a new ad criticizing Democratic challenger Sean Casten’s record as a registered lobbyist.

Roskam’s campaign says that the ad highlights Casten’s work as a federal lobbyist, where they say he sought taxpayer money for his own company:

“Sean Casten takes every opportunity to talk about his ‘resume,’ but he conveniently leaves out that he was also a registered federal lobbyist who pleaded with congressional leaders for special tax breaks to benefit his own business,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Casten’s hypocrisy in calling for raising taxes for 6th District residents, all the while lining his own pockets with taxpayer money through special interest tax breaks, is breathtaking.”

Casten’s campaign disputes the ad’s charges, citing multiple reports questioning the accuracy of the ad and calling the spot “a complete distortion.”

“This ad is pathetic - it's the same lies that Paul Ryan's allies and Peter Roskam have been airing for weeks. Frankly, it's sad that Peter Roskam has so little to say about his 25 years in public office that he can only throw mud at his challenger, and his ads are a complete distortion, as pointed out by Crain’s and the Better Government Association,” Greg Bales, Sean Casten's Campaign Manager said in a statement. "And despite the millions spent attacking Sean with false allegations, the truth is that voters aren't buying it."

Earlier this summer, Casten’s campaign defended the candidate against Roskam’s assertions, releasing an ad that referred to the advertisements as “out of the Trump playbook:”

Advertising in the race is picking up steam, as the candidates are neck and neck according to multiple publications.

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