PETA Erects Billboard in Meat Packing District

Diners headed to Publican restaurant may be doing a double-take when they see a billboard next to the popular meat-focused eatery.

PETA erected a billboard next to the restaurant and across the street from its butcher shop with a picture of a pig and the text "You can live without those ribs. I can't."

"It's a pretty bold choice to put that billboard in the heart of the meat packing district," a passerby told NBC 5.

Cosmo Goss, Publican's sous chef and head butcher, was also miffed when he saw the billboard.

"We didn't know what was happening. We didn't know if it was directed at us," Goss said.

PETA spokeswoman Alicia Woemper said the billboard is part of a nationwide Go Vegan campaign, and not meant to target any business in particular"

"We're hoping we can reach those trend setters who are frequenting that area and ask them to think about what they're eating and try vegan food," Woemper said.

But Goss says despite their meat-heavy menu, the restaurant actually has a lot in common with PETA's message.

"We don't use anything that we don't believe is humanely, beautifully raised ... nothing comes through this door that's not like that," Goss said.

Woemper says she appreciates Publican's viewpoint about treating animals humanely, although it's hard to imagine the two sides of this issue breaking bread together anytime soon.

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