Heavy on the Petting

Chi's the second best (d'oh!) city for pets

Chicago's the most pet-friendly city in the nation after New York, according to apartment rental juggernaut Rent.com.

New York beat us out, according to the report, because Gotham boasts Central Park's "winding trails", the Brooklyn Bridge, and petcare spots in most neighborhoods.

What they don't say is that NY's apartments are so ungodly miniscule that you're basically forced to sleep with your pet, which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "pet friendly."

The pad peddler placed Chi-Town above eight other major U.S. cities, noting our Navy Pier canine cruises, pet-welcoming restaurants, and assortment of pet resorts and boarding kennels.

As for the city's and their amenities that Chicago beat out, there's #3 Boston (the Freedom Trail), #4 Houston (pet-friendly hotels), and #5 San Francisco, which offers beaches that allow off-leash surfers dogs.

Rounding out the bottom five are Ann Arbor, Portland, Charleston, Austin, and Washington D.C.

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