Person Stabbed During HS Football Brawl

One man was stabbed during a brawl in the stands at a high school football game on Chicago's Far South Side.

"Some people were hollering that they heard gunshots and they got to running," said community activist Andrew Holmes, who was watching the Simeon-Morgan Park football game at Gately Stadium with his grandkids Friday night. "A lot of fighting broke out."

The melee erupted on the Morgan Park side during the third quarter of the game.

"It wasn't only teenagers," said Holmes of the people he witnessed fighting. "You had some adults out here who were out of control too, and that was the most disturbing because you are supposed to be the leader to teach these younger kids away to be safe.”

Authorities evacuated the stadium and suspended the game with ten minutes left in the quarter.

Chicago Police arrived on the scene to help the Chicago Public League empty the stadium, which has a capacity of 8,000.
Police confirmed that a handgun was drawn during the brawl, but said they do not believe shots were fired. One witness reported seeing a gun.
"Yeah, I saw someone with a gun," the witness said. "They pulled it out, and everybody, they ran, I ran for my life."

One man was stabbed and taken to Roseland Community Hospital around 8:43 p.m. His age and condition were not immediately known.

Initially there were reports of game being canceled, but it will resume Sunday afternoon without any fans.

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