Perry Farrell's Must-See Lolla Band

Lollapalooza founder anxious to see Sleigh Bells and Scrillex

If you're perusing through the 130-plus Lollapalooza bands and trying to figure out who to see -- or who they are -- take a tip from founder Perry Farrell.

The Jane's Addiction frontman tells NBC Chicago that the band he's most excited about seeing is Sleigh Bells.

"They're really where I see music at today," Farrell says. "Imagine the Runaways -- a girl fronting group this group, long flowing hair and then a guy comes out with a guitar, and it's really a two piece but they're working with electronic beats. Really strong."

Sleigh Bells is based out of Brooklyn, NY, and is comprised of guitarist Derek E. Miller, who used to play in hardcore bands, and singer Alexis Krauss, who belonged to a teen pop group called Rubyblue.

The group has been around since 2008 and is signed to M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Recordings. The group also played Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival last summer, but you've probably heard their song Infinity Guitars in a Windows Phone commercial.

In the newly-expanded dance music area, Farrell says he's looking forward to Scrillex, an Los Angeles DJ/producer who specializes in Dub Step, Drum & Bass and Electro-House.

"There's just a whole gang of people who I've never seen before and just heard of and watched on You Tube, but when you see these groups live, you really get to know whether they're the real deal or not," Farrell says.

Lollapalooza is scheduled for August 5-7 in Grant Park. The official lineup was released earlier this week.

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