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Peregrine Falcon Perched Atop NBC5 Tower Identified

Bird is part of what Field Museum calls the "River Birds"

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird – not a plane – named Autumn Hope!

The peregrine falcon who visited the NBC5 tower camera Tuesday morning has been identified and has quite a story to tell.

Mary Hennen, director of the Chicago Peregrine Program at the Field Museum, confirmed that Autumn Hope is a female of what the museum calls the “River Birds” for the last five years. Hennen says the peregrine fledged from her nest in the Chicago River area in 2005 and has used various buildings in the neighborhood to breed on.

According to Hennen, Autumn Hope failed at nesting (her eggs did not hatch) last year, and the nest site from 2013 where she fledged four young birds is no longer available.

“This is currently the time Autumn would be selecting a new nest site and laying eggs,” Hennen said.

Hennen asked that anyone who spots Autumn Hope or other peregrine falcons in the area report the sightings to the Peregrine Program at the Field Museum.

More information about peregrine falcons can be found on the Field Museum’s website.

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