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Peloton users report bike systems ‘freezing' following latest software update

Peloton said "it identified the issue impacting a small subset" of its members and was "in the process of developing a solution."

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Chicagoan Stephen Lewis explained that he has been experiencing issues with his Peloton bike for a couple of weeks.

"It's a pain, but I deal with it," he told NBC Chicago.

The daily cyclist said he straps on his cycling shoes and saddles up on the bike about five times a week. The troubles started after the latest software update.

"And I noticed in the middle of one of my weight training exercises, the screen just froze all the way," he explained.

He's not the only Peloton user having this issue.

Riders have posted online, expressing frustration with the machines.

One rider said, "Mine has been freezing up 10-15 minutes into classes and I currently can’t use my bike."

Another user sent NBC Chicago video showing the system freezing mid-ride.

Lewis, who paid $1,300 for his bike plus a monthly membership, said he wants more support from Peloton.

"I think communication should be better for the company," he said. "If they're getting some complaints to begin with, they should get right on the e-mail to all of their faithful supporters and subscribers and let them know that the solution is being worked on."

A spokesperson for the company released the following statement to NBC Chicago:

"We have identified the issue impacting a small subset of our Members and are in the process of developing a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our members." Peloton did not provide a timeline for that solution."

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