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Pedestrian Struck on Magnificent Mile by Hit-and-Run Driver in Mercedes, Chicago Police Say

A busy intersection on the Magnificent Mile turned dangerous Thursday night when Chicago police say a white Mercedes they had pulled over during a traffic stop suddenly drove off, first crashing into a parked car and then striking a pedestrian.

In the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, police say they were conducting a traffic stop involving a white Mercedes when the driver of the car drove off and fled the scene.

The driver of the Mercedes first hit a parked car and pushed it up onto the sidewalk, and then smashed into a control panel, according to police. Video and photos from the scene show part of a Mercedes emblem on the ground.

After that, the driver of the car struck a pedestrian who happened to be crossing the street before abandoning the vehicle and fleeing on foot, police say.

The victim, a 38-year-old man, sustained injuries to the legs and was transported to Northwestern University, where he was last listed in good condition.

Traffic lights at the busy intersection of Ohio and Michigan Avenue are currently out due to the crash, leading to a two-vehicle collision Friday morning. Fire crews and police are on the scene, and no injuries were reported.

No one was in custody and police are still searching for the driver and occupant of the vehicle.

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