Patti Blagojevich Drops Suit Against Former Employer - NBC Chicago

Patti Blagojevich Drops Suit Against Former Employer



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    Patti Blagojevich on Monday agreed to dropped her defamation lawsuit against her former employer's senior director.

    Blagojevich sued the Chicago Christian Industrial League's Richard Roberts last October, alleging that he hurt her reputation when he said that she used the charity’s private mailing list to promote her husband’s new book.

    Blagojevich worked at the Chicago Christian League when her husband was governor but was fired after his arrest. While working there, her salary numbered in the six figures.

    Roberts had publicly accused Illinois' former First Lady of using the charity’s email list for her family’s promotion.  Roberts claimed that Ms. Blagojevich had stolen the email list, but she said that she actually compiled the list herself and used some of her own personal contacts.

    In a joint release, by both Roberts and Blagojevich, issued Monday, Roberts has maintained that he did nothing wrong.